The Primordial Archetypes

The Primordial Archetypes have been generated through the use of Primordial Mathematics, DNA Generation Algorithm, on a set of keys or symbols, associated to ancient cultures and civilizations in Eurasia.

The researcher theory is that there exist a Matrix of Primordial Archetype, and knowledge on how to utilize them for the purpose of inducing a kind of collective human intelligence, which will evolve in its ability of judgement of value, perception, emotional intelligence, strategy, decision making, awareness,… through the same process A.I. would evolve, learn. The researcher has given to this collective intelligence engine the name of CGE-(A.I.) Culture Generation Engine (A form of resident artificial intelligence).

Very similar to a modern culture A.I., when the conditions and circumstance, length of time, for learning, overload the definition of the engine, and the engine gets exhausted, then it will experience the need to self-transfrom, change, in order to adapt itself to the new challenging conditions.

In general A CGE will make possible members of a culture to come together, develop a foundation ability of resilience, capacity to evolve as a civilization, in technology, laws, agreements, behavior, cultural self-expressions, and dominate other cultures, or through a form of inclusive strategy, integrate them in their own. (Examples: Rome empire, Catholic Church (Catholic/Cristian Empire), Chinese Empires, …).

When a CGE gets exhausted, the foundation necessary for its should change, upgrade. (For example, the transformation of  a middle age culture based on mysticism, magic and alchemy, into the corporative transnational religion; the transformation of the rome empire into the catholic church; the transformation of a religion based old world, into a science and technology based modern culture ).

The researcher has shared in his publications references to those events in history as well on the CGEs of ancient world, how those CGE did condition politics, society, culture. As well has suggested other forms of CGE, that evolve from the same original matrix, which describe archetypes that belong to the objective reality of the modern culture, if perceived through a systemic method, that organizes human, natural and artificial phenomena in 9 different fields or classes, which the researcher suggests to be represented by 9 cyphers ( The 9 Cyphers of the 9 Elements, The Primordial Mathematics).

The primordial archetypes, belong to the possibility of the human culture, civilization, collective intelligence, individual, to evolve, the paths that can be taken for such a process, and the potential outcomes, the archetypes suggest stages of development of culture and civilization, possible thanks to stages of development of a human potential.

Along his research, the researcher suggests to utilize gamification in order to advance the human, the human evolution, reach of higher more complex and simple, advanced stages of human development.

As well suggests to utilize A.I. in four vessels: CGE Culture generation engine (global culture – collective human vessel), human body (DNA encoded A.I. – individual human vessel); corporate culture vessel (collective human and organizational entity vessel combined), and natural vessel (DNA encoded A.I.). for the purpose of advanced of a global culture and civilization.

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