The e-Library

All our e-publications, e-books, e-presentations, are available under request at the LDMF Foundation e-Library.

The e-Library Project

The e-Library Project by the LDMF Foundation launched its new website and announces its services of e-forum, and e-library (online reading).

The project is a wish of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the LDMF Foundation, since 2011.

Here in his own words, 2016 video message:


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The Primordial Archetypes

The study of the Primordial Archetypes started in the year 1987, when Luis decided to apply his intuition on team building, within the context of the boy scouts movement, and utilized the totem, archetypes, of the boy scouts, for the purpose of empowering emotional self-management/emotional intelligence, team collaboration and individual skills. By focusing on empowering individual skills, strengths, making from individual weakness a team collaboration opportunity, Luis designed some guidelines for team building with a successful result in the competitive arena of the boy scouts. This experience will lead him later to study the human factor, behavior, emotions, communication, collaboration and team work.