The 09 Families

The 9 Families
The Primordial Art of Risk Management

The application of Primordial Archetypes, the 9 Stages of development and the 9 Fields of application, complex human self-organization, for the purpose of Risk Management. Through the 9 Families, Primordial Archetypes, Risk Management can be gamified.

The 9 Families:

For the study of the 9 families, for risk management is paramount. so as well the study of the primordial archetypes , the hero that takes the risks and solve the unexpected circumstances about to take place.
The book of the primordial changes, the i ching theta suggests that the integration of all innerversums, creates the experience of the one that perceives, thinks, plays and does.
While on heaven, earth ground or the underworld, the 9 families, may also bring to own journey the knowledge of the 9+ stages of development.
Along the journey, any event may take place, which has a cypher as for its representation, a dimension or realm, or realms combined, a stage of development, or a set of elements.
The wise traveler and hero takes time for assessment of risk, and is alert, prepared in every single breath for making a choice, in one instant, which will change own destiny for ever.

The Primordial Art of Risk Management

In order to come to clear perception on what risk means, i would like to refer to the primordial book of changes, the i ching theta. change, any change, means a risk for a pre set strategy or out come to be successful, mostly if a particular well defined outcome is expected.

Change is taking place in any moment, and any move we take, create a new set of potential possible outcomes. Just look at the old strategy board game I GO, or the multidimensional strategy board game : matrix 9+. every move changes the settings of the game.

How to predict an outcome, and how to prepare one self for the process about to take place ?

The idea of prediction is that of knowing before even the signs of an event to come are sensed, perceivable or visible.

Perception can not be considered the description of an event taking place already, or the description of an event that already sign is about to appear. perception means knowledge. knowledge of the visible and
invisible, known and unknown, conscious and subconscious, perceivable and not-perceivable.

Futurism, the modern art of prediction, comes on hand with the ancient art of divination, and the algorithms of time, where mystics and story tellers were able to tell the stories before them to be experienced by the listeners , in daily life. Where demi-gods will thread stories for the history of deception to be told.

So it is that a king, emperor would have try to master the destiny pre set for him/her/it by the gods and goddesses already.