The Primordial Sounds


Sound or vibration is one of the most fascinating fields of study. If all that is perceivable and not perceivable has as common field of self-expression that one of sound or vibration, there should be then a sound for everything. Also cognitive experiences, and the relationship of such with the reality of nature.

The Primordial Sounds of the Spheres

The goal of this project is to evaluate and study how methods utilized for cognition and induction of perception and behavior, can be integrated to mechanical, organic, and vibrational nature of life.

The project is a development of the Matrix 9+ Game generator and based on the publication the Primordial Archetypes and the Primordial Sounds of the Spheres.

The study starts by focusing on sound, gender, the male-female cycle of cocreation and the tools utilized by the Matrix 9+ for assessment and analysis, as well as a new set of elements or 9 families.

The Main goal is to develop a set of tools that support self-knowledge and personal development at a practical level of application that matches with daily life, social needs, organic life, and culture and civilization development process.

The use of numbers, colors, sound as parts of a symbolic language elements, will bring the results of this project to the application of language and story telling for purpose of the development of application of the results obtained.