The 09 Primordial Keys

The 09+ Primordial Keys can be found in the nordic star theta, the i ching theta, tesseract theta, cypher theta. the Tree of Life Theta, The Primordial Hands Theta and The Ambrosia Theta, and the 9 Divine Worlds, The Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, The Primordial Archetypes of Water and Sound, The 9 Cyphers and The 9 Elements: Systemic organization of the perception of the human phenomena and others geometric and archetypical structures.

If utilized all together as for assessment and strategic management analysis tool, they would advance the performance and holistic achieving in the fields of research, technology innovation, self-management, leadership, strategic management and governance.

The Study of the 9+ Primordial keys must focus on the study of human phenomena, human potential, perception, matrix thinking, emotional intelligence.

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